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Education to develop future leaders
​ is here!

​ Atelier Bella luna's original STEAM education

Our Mission

education to

survive in the AI era
You need creativity!


Why is STEAeducation
necessary now?

1. You can develop a wide range of interests by learning Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math in an integrated manner.


2. STEAM education includes elements that promote creativity and innovation, and incorporating elements of art and design facilitates the creation of new ideas and discoveries.


3. Many countries emphasize STEM education and have introduced STEAM education to develop future leaders.


4. Children can learn independently through project-based activities and hands-on learning.


STEAM for your needs

​Those who want to send their children to STEAM class

"Logical thinking,” “non-cognitive ability,” and “creativity” are

skills needed by children who will play an active role in society in the future.

​ Find "aha" moments for children at STEAM schools in Sengoku, Bunkyo Ward, and Omori, Ota Ward! ​

Screenshot 2023-11-24 19.39.24.png


Those who want to incorporate STEAM education in educational facilities/organizations/companies

We organize regular on-site classes that incorporate STEAM education, as well as one-off workshops and events. You can choose between instructor dispatch type and training type. As part of the company's CSR activities, special events are held for customers and employees' families.

​Also, you can use the STEAM card to conduct classes that differentiate you from other facilities without having to arrange a professional instructor.


Those who want to incorporate STEAM education at home

With the Kindle version of STEAM books, parents and children can easily enjoy STEAM education at home. Elementary school students can add a few ideas and arrange it into independent research or craft projects.

Our Team​


Graduated from Keio Girls' High School
Graduated from University of Birmingham, Art History and Music, UK
Master's degree in Art History, University College London

​Harvard University Strategic Management Class (July-August 2022)

2009 Head of Atelier Bellaluna
2013 Established Atelier Bella Luna Co., Ltd.
2016-2019 “Komazawa no Mori Kindergarten” Art Instructor
2017-2019 “Jukunomori Kindergarten” Art Instructor
Art instructor at “Sainocho Kindergarten” since 2017
Art instructor at “Ai International School” since 2018
Member of the American Federation of Children's Museums since August 2019

“Wisdom Exchange” advisor from August 2022

“Kids World” art instructor from March 2023

2023 April Opened STEAM Omori School

Representative of Atelier Bella Luna Co., Ltd.

Emiko Morishita

(Bilingual STEAM Education Lecturer/Painting instructor)

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