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Emiko Morishita

Emiko Morishita, CEO of Atelier Bella Luna Co., Ltd.

Graduated from Keio Gijuku Women's High School

Graduated from University of Birmingham, BA in Art History and Music

Graduated from University College London MA in Art History

Attended at Harvard University Strategic Management Class (2022.7-8)

2009 Launched Atelier Bella Luna 
2013 Established Atelier Bella Luna Co., Ltd.
2016-2019 "Komazawa no Mori Children's Garden" Art Lecturer
2017-2019 "Fusumanomori Children's Garden" Art Lecturer
From 2017, "Ayanoshirabe Children's Garden" Art instructor

From 2018"Ai International School" Art instructor
Member of the Children's Museum Federation of the United States from August 2019

From 2022 Adviser of "Wisdom Exchange"

From 2023 Teaching at "Kids World"

2023 March Opened STEAM Omori School

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Our Staff

Mayu Hashimoto

Mayu Hashimoto

 Professional in Viewing Art Program

Graduated from Keio University

Part-time Lecturer, Faculty of Literature, Keio University

Yu Yamada

Yu Yamada

Professional in Food & Art Education

Food coordinator

Macrobiotic instructor


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