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Specialized field

Sports, art, food & beverage​ * Please contact us for more information.


Japanese-English translation 200 characters $42 ~
English-Japanese translation 200 words from $32~
English Spontaneous Interpretation $90~ per an hour 

English Interpreter to accompany  $400~ per day

                                                $200 ~ for a half day

Interpreter Terms of Use

* Negotiable for actual working hours and restraint hours for daily charges. Seven hours of actual work and 8 hours of restraint.

* Half-day charge is for up to 4 hours, and the minimum contract time is from 4 hours. If it exceeds 4 hours, it will be charged daily.

* In the case of an attended interpreter, the restraint time will be the actual working time.

* For work from Tokyo Station to 100 KM or more, the daily charge will be applied even for work of 4 hours or less.

* 15% increase for work that exceeds the restraint time, and 30% increase for work that extends early in the morning (before 8:00) and late at night (after 22:00).

* If the meeting is highly specialized, we may require a briefing before we execute our services. The briefing fee will be 30% of the interpreter fee.

* When meeting on the day, that time is also included in the business hours.

* Travel expenses will be charged separately in case of accommodation or business trips to remote areas.

* Cancellation fee: From the day before the business day to the second day after the 7th day → 50%, the day before / the day → 100%

Translation Terms of Service

* Please send the manuscript as data. In principle, the delivery form will be data such as Word.

* Please provide translations, examples, reference materials, etc., of technical terms as much as possible. We will be able to offer better quality translations.

* A separate layout fee will be charged for work other than translation, such as strict layout and drawing.

* We can handle any form of delivery. (WORD, EXCEL, HTML, etc.)

* We will keep the requested manuscript in complete confidentiality and submit a non-disclosure agreement upon request.

* If you would like a limited express finish, don't hesitate to contact us using the inquiry form, as we may charge a separate limited express fee.

* It is negotiable for a separate service fee regarding many books and regular publications.

* Please order with as much time as possible for delivery. Also, let us know in advance if you have a clear schedule.

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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