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Painting modeling

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Introduction of Art ✖️ ○○ Play! Learn!

Educational facilities, companies, government, various organizations × Atelier Bella Luna 

Why don't you introduce this program to the company's students, corporate customers, and families?

"Art x ◯◯ Play! Learn!" will offer a workshop of art and craft that stimulates children's imagination and creativity by making the best use of the STEAM genre.

Atelier Bella Luna focuses on early childhood education to foster "creativity" that children will need in any field in the future. To survive in the AI era, we will have the power to create things machines cannot do. How do we create a better world? What is needed for innovation? The basis is "creativity." Art is essential to train the right-brain thinking required for creativity. The reason is that curiosity, observation, expression, cooperation, spatial understanding, and imagination are necessary for the creative process, and we naturally obtain those elements in art-making.  STEAM education (Science: Science, Technology: Technology, Engineering: Engineering, Arts: Art, Math: Mass) is an ideal educational method to grasp things from early childhood. We believe that parents can also discover a lot with their children.


Send a facilitator to your site: One of our instructors will visit your site and venue with a set of the workshop you wish from the workshops that have been done so far at Atelier Bella Luna.

​ Training: We also introduce learning points so your instructors or facilitators can carry out the workshop smoothly.


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Plan your Event

We organize a seasonal event where the educational facility can showcase your originality! For example, a company that would like to promote a specific product.

We will plan and manage the event according to your requests. Would you like to create a unique event? We will also coordinate company-sponsored children's events, employees' children's events, and events that parents and children can participate in, such as creating workshops using specific products manufactured by your company. We aim to expand the world of children by thinking from a different perspective.

List of past events


・ Program provision

・ Facilitator training

・​Sending one of our facilitators


Viewing art program

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Educational facilities, companies, government, various organizations × Why don't you introduce a viewing art program emphasizing dialogue in educational facilities? We offer this program for children only or parents and children, and it can be done in museums, classrooms, and outdoor spaces. We will show you how to ask questions and what to ask to expand children's creativity, develop children's answers and interact with them, and have fun while enjoying art by incorporating games using pictures, improving communication skills and observation skills.

* Currently, it is canceled due to COVID-19.


・ Organizing this program at a museum / educational facility (sending one of our facilitators)

・ Viewing art along with a workshop

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Would you like to make sales points at your institution?

  • Interested in creating new programs that kids can learn?

  • No need to hire new staff!

  • We will support you online!

Please get in touch with us through the inquiry form.


​Past events (partial)

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